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about us

Consumer Pakistan is an independent non-government & non-profit organization established in 2013 under the Voluntary Social Service Act-1961.We believe that Almighty Allah has bestowed us a beautiful and rich piece of land in terms of resources, both material and man-power, but as a society, we failed to explore and utilize these resources due to rise in corruption, abuse of power, poor management of human resources, particularly in health and education sectors and exploitation of merits in almost every walk of life. In other words, there is a room of improvement and development by strengthening the welfare society which is free from all social evils and inequalities and ensures provision of basic rights.


In order to progress as a society, provision of a job or a proper source of a job proper

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Our objective is to provide a platform to the consumers who are suffering from

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To contemplate a society which guarantee the protection of rights of individuals and is

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To initiate a society where basic rights of each individual is protected from the social evils.

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